David Dominguez



7.20.18 - Finished producing, engineering and mixing a song for Avenue Army. Be sure to check them out. The single "Runner" goes out next week. Then back into the studio to finish the EP.



02.17.18 - A great few days in the studio with The Shift a couple of band meeting coming up and then starting the next project. Let's keep it going. I'm going to add a friends page soon with links to great gear , support and and cool bands.

02.11.18 - I'm in the studio the next few days producing a song for The Shift from Phoenix, AZ. Be sure to check them and SUPPORT music. They killed the first day in the studio.



01.28.18 -  I spent Thursday and Friday down at the Anaheim Convention Center attending NAMM and was honored to meet and talk to Mr. Ken Scott, one of only 5 men to engineer The Beatles and he produced David Bowie. A true gentleman, such a pleasure to talk to, even for a brief moment.



01.20.18 - It's been a minute since I've updated, I was fortunate enough to engineer the new Jessica Meuse for Warrior Records at Capitol Studios. Some incredible musicians played on the record and Jess killed it. Again, stellar production from Jim Ervin. I also produced a few tracks for some up and coming artist and I continue to engineer. It's 2018 and I'm ready to keep rolling.


04.11.17 - I've just confirmed I'll be engineering another Warrior Records release, we hit Capitol Studios sometime in the next couple of months. A very cool new artist, I'll post pictures from the studio.

04.05.17 - I'll be producing the new EP from Avenue Army. A great band from San Diego/St. Paul, Minn., big hooks all over the place.

03.21.17 - I'll be Co-4 a single for Reclaim The Sky this week. Be on the lookout for it next month.

01.029.17 - Some more cool news. I'll be producing the 1st. single from the new Against the Sun EP. We hit the studio early Feb. This will the first step in the recording of the still unamed EP.

01.25.17 - I'm happy to announce I'll be producing a single for Paralandra from Springfield, MO. We hit the studio next month. Be sure to check them out on Facebook (@paralandra) and be on the lookout for the single.

01.24.17 - I had a very productive 3 days at NAMM. Caught up with some old friends, made a few new ones and saw some great gear. I had a few meetings with prospective clients that went well. I'm happy to say I've confirmed that I'll be producing the new EP from Right On, Kid from Albuquerque, New Mexico. We hit the studio in early March, this should be fun. 

01.18.17 - I hope everyone had a good holiday. I'm back it (I never actually stopped but the the business seems to shut down), NAMM starts tomorrow and I have a few meetings set up with bands that I'm hoping to work with in 2017. I'll be checking out some gear while I'm there including the new microphone (WA87) and mic pre-amp from Warm Audio. I have a couple of confirmations for bookings coming up and I'm hoping a few more confirm soon. All very cool bands.

01.15.17 - I just finished tracking the last vocals for the latest Ninja Sex Party record "Under the Covers 2". I'm sure that just like the last 2 NSP and 2 Starbomb records this one will land on the Billboard Comedy charts. Let's hope so. 

11.12.16 - Video shoot today with Ninja Sex Party at Clearlake Recording Good times with good people, you couldn't ask for more.

11.02.16 - Today I was a guest on an episode of Waldman's Words on Idobi Radio. We talked about music, family and more, be sure to check it out when it airs. I'll put up a link when an air date had been confirmed.

10.30.16 - Great session today with producer/songwriter/keyboardist Gaurav Dayal ( Shakira, Wyclef, Selena Gomez), drummer Rich Lambert and bassist/guitarist Steven GB. The trio were in laying down the 1st track of Gaurav's upcoming EP.

10.10.16 - I'm happy to announce I'm now being managed by Scott Waldman at Waldman Management & Ross Robey at  Rolling Artists